1890, Alfred Richard settles in Quebec!

In 1885, Massachusetts-born Alfred Richard and his brother, Jean-Baptiste, worked for Hyde. They arrived in Canada in 1890, bringing with them their expertise. Wishing to explore new markets, they set up shop in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

3 genrations of business

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After more than 50 years of developing a remarkable range of quality tools, Alfred Richard agreed to sell his company to the Grégoire and Panfili families who continued the tradition of a family-run business. The company, A. Richard, relocated to Berthierville where it has been since 1942.

In 1997, a group of third generation members of the Grégoire and Panfili took over from older generations. With more than 85% of the Canadian market in wall finishing hand tools, A. Richard joined Hyde Tools, Inc. towards the end of 2003.

A. Richard moves ahead!

In 2006, A. Richard acquired Roultech, a paint brush and roller manufacturer and distributor. Roultech’s expertise and A. Richard’s experience in development and marketing were combined, creating a winning team capable of securing the applicator market.

Today, the company manufactures more than 1200 products, sold in 14 countries.

Committed to our mission

At A. Richard, our hallmark is quality, expertise and service. Each product is carefully developed to meet the most exacting standards and varied needs.

A. Richard hand tools are practical, durable, designed for ease of use and comfort and environmentally friendly. Our standard of quality is so high you will know you have made the right choice!

Quality at A. Richard is about:

  • Making and distributing unique, innovative products at the cutting edge of hand tools used for coating preparation and application.

  • Making the task easier for the worker by developing highly efficient, user-friendly tools.

  • Being the leading manufacturer and distributor in North America of a complete line of tools for coating preparation and application.

  • Delivering greater profitability to businesses and companies.

  • Offering the very best ordering process with a high inventory turnover, fast delivery and error-free shipping.
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